Born in 1982 Paulo SIQUEIRA lives and works in Santos, Brazil about one hour from Sao Paulo.  As a child I loved kids cartoons like  He -man, Super Friends, Thundercats, Dungeons and Dragons, Spider-Man and his friends, and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  Then came along a little show called the Simpsons..... of which I am still a fan of today!  I began collecting comics around age 11, so of course I know all the comic book icons like Superman, Spider-Man, Batman , The Hulk, The X men.
My whole life has been surrounded by some kind of drawings.... I always liked to draw my favorite cartoon characters; I started by first drawing the Simpsons and later the rest of my favorite comic book characters.
Well.... after a few years of practice I got my break and started working professionally, and it has been really amazing ever since!!
My earliest work can be seen on the covers and interior pages of many books under the Avatar banner; such as Pandora, Tundra, Gypsy, Belladonna, Shi and even Lady Death.  I then worked at DC comics for about two years, working on titles such as Birds of Prey, "Black Canary, JLA Classified and Jonah Hex.
I am currently at Marvel Comics having recently worked on Ms. Marvel and now I get the chance to work with my favorite comic character ever, The Amazing Spider-Man!
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